Heralding Professor Ediriwira Sarachchandra’s birth centenary celebrations in June of 2014, the Sri Lankan student communities of North Texas (University of Texas at Dallas and University of Texas at Arlington) together with other Sri Lankan communities, join hands in celebrating Sarachchandra’s 99th Birth Anniversary on June 29th 2013 at the Lone Star Auditorium. 

The Sarachchandra cultural performance titled “Hasunak Apagen Genayanu Ō Hata” (excerpt from Sarachchandra’s play), tribute to the playwright and dramatist, a concept realized and led by Jagath Lakpriya, son-in-law to Professor Sarachchandra in collaboration with son Ransi Sarachchandra is seen as an effort to landmark the treasury of Sarchchandra’s dramatic works, to revive its beauty and cultural significance for Sri Lanka’s expatriate communities and to transmit Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage to its youth growing up in Dallas.

The selection of songs and abridged performances on the program have indeed a special significance for many participants and spectators of the Sri Lankan community in Dallas, who have been for long years infused by songs  from Sarachchandra’s Maname,  Sinhabahu, Elowa Gihin and Lomahansa.